A sustainable identity


Mr. Bio is my land, I am its custodian. This is where I was born and raised; I want to promote the idea of caring for everything that surrounds me. This is the key value according to which I was raised, and to which I refer in order to protect my territory.

With an insatiable desire for knowledge, the wish to communicate, and the ability to focus on a sustainable vision heading into the future. Mr. Bio promotes a natural interpretation of the terroir, of caring for the grapes, from growing them to processing them in the cellar. Mr. Bio wines contain all of the natural essences of the territory.

I live the territory, studying it and looking at it from infinite perspectives. I'm exalted by its merits and challenged by its limits, leading me to search for a future that is attainable through sustainable viticulture.

Simplicity, pride and respect are the hallmarks I have learned from these lands. The same qualities can be found in Mr. Bio wines, an authenticity to be shared with all those who taste them.

Every day I invest in research and in people, in order to offer only the best. The familial skills accumulated over the years are flanked daily by my neverending desire to learn and to grow, in order to guarantee the wine of the future, today. Mr. Bio is the bearer of sustainable viticulture, ready and waiting. Mr. Bio is the future.

“Drinking Mr. Bio is savouring a glass of wine in which, from the clear notes of the present time, emerge flamboyant and unmistakable hints of the future.

The power of sharing has opened the doors to the world, and the genuineness of my wine has helped me to understand its beauty. This equation is recounted when I present my wine.”