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Ribolla Gialla Spumante

The fullness of the vine is harmoniously balanced by the pungency and creaminess of this ribolla gialla-based sparkling wine, suitable for elaborate dishes, enhancing their structure and complexity.

Prosecco Rosè DOC

The pink shades of this Prosecco Rosé recount how opposites attract, softening lighter and fresher hints as well as fuller and more structured notes.
A sparkling wine that surprises, whatever the situation.

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

The lively bubbles of this extra dry sparkling wine decisively introduce the fruity and floral typicality of Prosecco Doc, pairing well with your gourmet aperitifs.

Prosecco DOC Brut

Fresh notes of fruit and white flowers are perfectly enhanced by the fragrance of the elegant and subtle perlage of this brut version of Prosecco DOC, suitable for aperitifs or fried seafood.

Cuvée Brut Sparkling Wine

Versatility is the key word of this wine, suitable for any occasion, it amazes for its freshness and lively elegance.

Ribolla Gialla RBL

Freshness and softness alternate in this consistent white wine with a varied bouquet.
Suitable for first courses of stuffed dishes, but above all as the perfect pairing for frico.

Pinot Grigio PGR

A fresh, balanced, and elegantly pleasant white wine that recounts the oenological history of the vine; persistent enough for it to accompany refined first or second courses.

Traminer Aromatico TRM

A well-balanced white wine with vibrant, direct, fruity, and floral aromas and very long finish.
To be tried with structured and sweet and sour dishes.


The typicality of the region is contained in this rich and structured Sauvignon. Sweet citrus aromas and persistent taste make it a perfect wine for intense food pairing.


Close your eyes and travel with your mind: typical vegetal scents and perfect harmony on the palate for this Sauvignon that tastes of exotic places, elegantly preserved thanks to the glass stopper. Perfect with dishes with refined aromas.

ROSA - Semi-Sparkling wine

Fresh and exuberant, it is the rosé wine you don't expect. With a delicate glaze and a strong color.

Friulano DOC Friuli

A typicality that smacks of avant-garde: the recognizable scents of the vine in a balanced and non-ordinary wine, with a strong structure.


A unique Ribolla Gialla, in appearance and in taste. The yeasts give a delicate glaze and a strong taste. A Ribolla Gialla that knows how to amaze.

Merlot MRL

A fruity and sweetly spicy red wine that is lively in colour and scent, bringing back a pleasant harmony on the palate.
Suitable for first courses with sauces and typical dishes of the Friulian tradition.

Cabernet Franc Doc Friuli

An vivacious red, like the place it comes from. Intense color, with scent of undergrowth and the spicy notes. Ideal to accompany spicy and savoury dishes.

Bag In Tube - White Wine

An organic “bag in tube” white wine that is fresh and sapid, with delicate aromas of flowers and fruit characterized by a pleasant freshness.
A wine that can be enjoyed throughout your meal, the perfect pairing for saffron risotto.

Bag In Tube - Red Wine

A fruity and floral “bag in tube” organic red wine that is pleasantly fresh and genuinely drinkable.
To be paired with dishes from the grill.