A sustainable identity


With Mr. Bio my objective is to fill your glasses with a lifestyle made up of nature, sustainability, innovation, and respect. Through my work I want to make the future present.

The experiences and achievements of today lead me to preserve that which I learned yesterday. A dual bond with the territory unites all aspects of my work, bringing them together under a single expression: sustainability.
This is where my vision opens up and becomes specular, where the mirror is not only a reflection of what surrounds me, but also a tool that can transport me elsewhere, with which I interpret reality, or project myself towards a different tomorrow.

Mr. Bio organic wine shortens the distance to a seemigly far-off future, bringing people closer to its philosophy, and to the earth.
Mr. Bio was born to create deep bonds. This is why our bottle has a unique and original design, with its bracelet that is a distinctive symbol of the union between wine, territory, the custodian, and you.

“Convinced that I could overcome my limitations, I had no choice but to look to a future that could already be present: to present an organic wine that recounted a raw authenticity.

Nature provided me with all the answers: any way that I look at it, its forms, its reflections, its lights, and its scents always provide the perfect response.It is in this way that the wines are selected, and tasted.”

With no precise edges, the tension of this symbol compells us to open our minds, to lift our gaze, to position it in a way that we think best points towards future growth.

The squareness of this shape automatically suggests science and technology, which leads it further into the workings of nature, bringing it closer.

The perfection of nature is enclosed in this shape, which has neither beginning nor end, endlessly repeating itself. A cycle that also reflects the refined work of Mr. Bio, which is closely connected with nature's ways.