A sustainable identity



The Alps are a natural barrier that protects the underlying territories from the rapid descent of cold winds from the north, while conserving the mild sea breezes.


Winds blow freely across the vast horizons typical of areas that spring up around rivers, becoming an essential and complementary element of organic viticulture.


The soil firmly anchors the deeply extending roots of the vines, a complicity that lends structure and quality to the grapes. The soil may be rugged, but shows great potential.


Water is synonymous with quality wines. Rivers and the sea bring reserves of water, precious soils, and winds that not only mitigate the dog days of summer and frost, but also push daily temperature variations, resulting in grapes with optimal aromatic concentrations.

“The natural predisposition of these soils for organic viticulture has been the keystone in making me the custodian of the territory's integrity.

Living these areas and their wines is being able to imagine open spaces every day, which unconsciously leads me to raise my eyes to look into the distance, far away.”